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Skin is super diverse and seems to change overtime. I’m learning how important and empowering it is to have options. The past few years, I’ve seen major changes like redness, dryness, and breakouts (even despite trying the food elimination thing). I’ve always had pretty reactive/sensitive skin and want to share my experience with you guys since many have asked about my skincare routine!

Like I said, I have the driest skin! Like desert dry. I used to have combination skin living on the East Coast, but my skin has absolutely hated this move to Utah with the high elevation and dry air. That being said, I’ve tried loads of products over the last few years. Sharing my thoughts and experience below!

Product #1: 

About 3 months ago, I discovered a product called Eminence Organics. I contacted the company to see if they would recommend any products for my skin. Instead, they put me in contact with a few people in my area that sold the products and were knowledgeable about them. I’m thankful they did that, because it prevented me from wasting $ on skincare that didn’t work for me! So, I threw in the towel and went to get a facial at a spa that used Eminence. This allowed the esthetician to test the products on my skin and establish a routine that worked for me. I’ll share the products I’m using below, which have truly helped with the dry & flakiness I was getting. Again, I do recommend having these tested on your skin. If you go to a store that sells Eminence, chances are they have samples! It’s a little pricey, but it’s been worth it to me and lasts a long time.

What I use:

  • Stone Crop Oil Cleanser- BEST oil cleanser I’ve tried & takes off all makeup. Use: Nightly
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum. Use: 2x per day
  • Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant. Use: 3-4x a week
  • Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer. Use: 2x a day. I apply thicker at night.
  • Eight Greens Phyto Hot Masque- This will turn your face bright red, so only leave on according to instructions. Use: 1x per week
  • Clear Skin Masque. Use: 1x per week
  • I also use Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner. Instead of washing my face in the morning, I apply the toner to a cotton ball and use it as my AM cleansing method. This keeps my face from drying out and prevents me from over cleansing. I use it after cleansing at night, too.

Product #2:

About 3 weeks ago, I started a trial of BioClarity. I thought, “why the heck not”, because I was still having some breakouts, even using Eminence— plus trying new products is kind of fun and if it dried out my skin, I knew how to recover it. You may have seen BioClarity floating around social media, making ya a little skeptical. I was skeptical at first too, and asked the company a ton of questions. I also didn’t expect it to work because it reminded me of those acne commercials you see on TV. However, it was anything but that. What is it? It’s a plant-based 3-step skin-clearing routine made from detoxifying ingredients like Floralux®, which is derived from chlorophyll to help target the bacteria causing the breakout. It’s also free from sulfates, parabens, & fragrance. I’ll share some before and after pics below!

I’ve been using the restore (step 3) 2x a day, but ONLY cleansing and treating at night. I also pair it with my moisturizing cream at night and still exfoliate using Eminence about 3 times a week. I wanted to make sure the product worked, so I didn’t use any of my masks from Eminence. No lie, my skin has cleared up a great deal in 3 weeks and because my acne wasn’t terrible, I didn’t get the detox acne that many people get when starting an acne treatment skincare line. Another thing I noted while using BioClarity was that I didn’t break out during or before my period, which is crazy! I also tried their Hydrate Skin Smoothie, and liked that as well, just needed something a little more thicker. I’ve been using that solely in the AM and my thicker moisturizer at night.

My verdict is this: BioClarity is decently priced and was beneficial to my skin. It’s also not as harsh or drying compared to similar products. I’m not sure about every single ingredient, but I do know that it is much better than most acne treatments on the market because it is naturally-derived using plant-based science. Anywho, I’ll keep using this skincare and mixing in my Eminence or rotating as needed between the two product lines. I’ll definitely keep up the acne treatment and the Restore, even if it’s every other day.

As always find what works and makes YOU feel beautiful. If you have breakouts and want something that’s not super drying to your skin or with harmful/crazy side effects, I totally recommend this! Use code “GYPSY” for 50% off your first order or click this link to activate the discount! This deal is actually AMAZING & comes with free shipping.


Miscellaneous Products:

Here are a few more skincare products I like:

  • Acure, which you can buy way cheaper from Thrive Market. They have a sensitive skin line along with other great products like shampoo and body wash. This is a great product if you have average, slightly dry, or combination skin. Email in! They are so nice and will help you pick out products to use.
  • Derma-E, I’ve seen this on Thrive Market (again, much cheaper), Whole Foods, and even TJ Maxx. Once I’m done with the Eminence hyaluronic acid and their moisturizer, I plan on switching to Derma-E’s hyaluronic acid hydrating cream, because it’s a 2-1 and saves $.
  • Earth Science (also cheaper on Thrive)
    ***I’ve used Thrive Market for 3 years, because I saved more than the annual membership fee ($59.95) on my first order, which was coincidentally skincare and feminine products! It’s the only foodie membership I own.


This post was partially sponsored by BioClarity. All opinions are my own. It also contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting

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  • Where is SLC have you gone to get a facial? I am working on making the switch to more natural products to help clear up my face. I would like to find a place to get a facial in SLC that uses good quality products! Thanks!

    • Hi! I go to either Basalt Day Spa in SLC or Sego Lily in Cottonwood for their organic facials. Cameron Wellness also has a pretty inexpensive organic facial. Another one (little pricey) is Waldorf Astoria in Park City. It’s super relaxing and high quality there, so fun for a special occasion or whatever! Hope that helps!

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